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Cheap Wedding Videographer Ideas Part 1

Here are a few options to getting a great wedding video without paying a fortune

1. Place an ad in a college paper or on a college bulliten board to hire a film student video tape your wedding. When you hire a college Woman with video camera.student, they will have access to professional equipment and training at bargain basement prices. Let it be known that you are hosting bidding for the project and watch them fight for the honor.

2. You can use the same means as above for finding a student photographer to take pictures at your wedding.

3. Hand out disposable cameras at your reception so that your guests can share their experience at your wedding for you. Don’t forget to collect them all at the end.

4. Ask a friend or family member to videotape the ceremony for you. If you feel it’s necessary you can ask them to do it in lieu of a wedding gift.

5. If you decide to hire a professional videographer, check their references and view some samples of their work. Get your agreement in writing and read all the fine print to ensure you get exactly what you expect. You will need to discuss how many guest interviews you want included in your wedding video and you will want to make sure the videographer knows the other important events to record at your wedding and reception.

To save on the cost, ask to receive an uncut version of your wedding video this way you can choose what gets edited out. You don’t need too much footage of things like dancing or eating or other slow repetitive moments. Another idea that may work for you and save you money on your video package is to ask for a complete video of your wedding and brief version of your reception. Also not having any backgound music added in or any other special effects will also save you money.

Stay tuned for part 2, with my very best cheap wedding videographer idea yet to come.

May you live happily ever after


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