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Cheap Wedding Videographer Ideas Part 2

6. Here’s a great idea for the “Do It Yourselfer”. Whether you get an uncut version of your wedding video from a professional or you have a friend or family member tape your ceremony, you can edit your own video with a free program that’s already on your computer. If you have just a little knowlege of the computer you can use Windows Movie Maker (It’s comes standard and is under accessories on your P.C.) to edit your own video. You can easily add music to your video and titles and credits and make your video into anything you want. When you are finished, upload it to On Kunaki’s website you can download their simple software, and design your own wedding c.d. cover and c.d. insert.

Now for the very cool part – You can get one or a hundred copies of your very own wedding c.d. for only 5.75 to your door! That includes a shrink wrap covering, custom insert, and a UPC code too! No minimums, contracts, setup fees, or hidden fees either. Now that’s a bargain in my book. That’s the best Cheap Wedding Videographer Ideas I have for your.

Here’s some additional tips about making your own wedding video. Do you have a favorite wedding song? Download it from your Ipod to your computer and drag and drop it into windows movie maker for your video background music. Do you have some great snap shots from your wedding? Add them into your video. If you weren’t able to have your wedding video taped, you can make your video entirely out of all your snap shots. Just upload them to your computer and insert them into Windows Movie Maker. You can drag and drop your photos in any order you like.

Would you like to narrate your video? I’ve got a free software for you that’s so easy a child could use it. Download This program has simple buttons to click on that look like old style tape recorder buttons. You will need a USB microphone, or a USB headset with a microphone. Or you can record like I do, and use the built in mike in your laptop. You will be amazed at the great results you’ll get. Not professional, but pretty darn good!

After your wedding video is uploaded to Kunaki, let your guests know that they can order their own copy for only $5.75, directly from Kunaki’s website. When you send out thank you cards you can include a little message letting your guests know how to get a copy.

This last suggestion may not be to everyone’s liking, but if you think alot of people may go online and buy a copy of your wedding video c.d., then you can add a little to the price you set at Kunaki and make them, say $10.00 each. What will happen is Kunaki will send you the difference between $5.75 and whatever amount you charge. Again, I know that’s not normal procedure for weddings, but with Kunaki, it’s possible. you may just get enough extra to cover a pocket video camera.

I’ll be making my pocket video recommendations soon, so sign up for my RSS feed. You won’t want to miss out! There’s some really great ones out there for around a hundred bucks!

May you live happily ever after,

Wedding Dresses – Best Budget Wedding Dress Ideas

budget wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses – Great ideas for getting a budget wedding dress

It’s your day and you and your dress should look spectacular. It is easy to spend a huge portion of your your wedding budget on your dress alone. In order to save you are going to have to put forth a little effort and really shop around.

Very few brides these days are wearing their mother’s wedding gown, but you may know someone else who has a gown that you love. Often vintage gowns can be updated very easily and tailed to fit, for a fraction of the cost of a designer gown.

A second hand gown is  another  great budget wedding dress idea.  If you are going to consider a second hand gown here are some great places to start looking:  Ebay, thrift stores, consignment shops and Craigs List. to name a few of the most popular ones.  Other classified listings to consider are those on wedding blogs like and e-stores that sell used wedding gowns like I personally love the site.  It is extremely well laid out and currently has over 3000 wedding gowns!

If you have your heart set on a new gown, you should begin your search on the clearance racks at high end department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s. Discount wedding stores like David’s Bridal and Wedding Center USA are also good places to find discount gowns under $100. At the date of this post, both stores are having some great savings. David’s Bridal is offering up to 50% all of their Bridal Gowns. Wedding Center USA is paying the sales tax and offering up to 50% off on select wedding gowns.

David’s Bridal is also having a contest to win a free gown. See Detail under our Wedding Contests category.

I hope these budget wedding dress ideas will help make your hunt for the perfect dress easy, fun, and  affordable.

May you live happily ever after!


2010 San Francisco Dream Wedding Give Away

2010 San Francisco Dream Wedding Give Away

The San Francisco Dream Wedding give Away is your chance to win the wedding of your dreams.
The contest officially opens on August 4, 2009 at 7:55 a.m. PST.
The Deam Wedding Contest winner will receive:
An upscale wedding valued at $100,000; in San Francisco, CA one of the most romantic spots in the country. The location will be the luxurious Hotel Vitale, located in the heart of San Francisco where you and 75 guests will celebrate in style. After the wedding, the winners will head to Napa for a relaxing 3 night honeymoon, filled with quiet dinners, private wine tastings, and other exclusive activities.

The 2010 San Francisco Dream Wedding Giveaway is a collaboration of more than 40 premier bay area vendors. They’ll work together as a team for almost a year, planning, coordinating and designing the most unforgettable Wedding of the Year, for one very lucky couple in love.

To enter this contest go to 2010 San Francisco Dream Wedding Give Away.

Wedding Planning Mistakes Revealed – Free Report!

If you are planning a wedding there are some mistakes that are commonly made that every bride-to-be should know about. Most people don’t even think about these common mistakes until the damage is already done.  Make sure your wedding plan is perfect.  Sign up for our free FREE report at the top of this page, and find out what the most common wedding planning mistakes are -  before they happen to you!

We will be adding valuable content  regularly to help you plan your special so check back often!

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