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Wedding Planning Checklist #1- Establishing Wedding Preliminaries

WEDDING PLANNING CHECKLIST – #1 – Establishing wedding planning checklistWedding Preliminaries

Setting up and establishing a wedding budget can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to begin. Our free wedding planning checklists will make your job a snap!

Before you can begin to set up your budget, it is vital that you and your fiancé establish and agree upon exactly what kind of wedding you are budgeting for.

Once you have established and agreed upon key components of your wedding, you can begin to put together your budget. You will first need to decide things like where you want to hold your wedding, how many guests you want to invite, how much money  you have to work with, and who is going to help with your wedding.

To make this process easier I have provided a wedding planning checklist to help you establish a framework for planning your wedding.

Sit down with your fiancé and go over this wedding planning checklist together:

Do we want to hold  our ceremony in a:

Large church
Tiny Chapel
Private Home Indoors

Private Home Outdoors

Outdoor location (park, or beach)

Historical site

Rented hall

Destination location (on a ship, Las Vegas)


How many people do we estimate  we would like to invite?







Where do we want to hold the reception?

Same location as where we are married

Country Club

Hotel Banquet Room

Church Fellowship Hall


Resort Location

Private home

Who is paying for our wedding and reception

Only the two of us

Bride’s parents

Groom’s parents

Rich Relative

A combination of ___________ and ____________

How much money is each party contributing to the cost of your wedding and reception?

Bride ___________________


Grooms Parents __________

Brides Parents ___________

Rich relative _____________

Where will our contribution come from?



Credit cards

Our most recent paycheck

A combination of these

What tasks will we do ourselves and which ones will we hire out?

Check all the boxes that you plan to do yourself.

Plan the ceremony

Plan the reception


Plan favors and attendants gifts

Choose the music

Plan the honeymoon

Make or buy invitations

Mail invitations

Plan transportation

Choose the music

Select & order flowers

Order cake or make it yourself

Order reception food or make it yourself

Hire a photographer or videographer

Create a wedding website (this is very popular)


Where will we go on our honeymoon?

Overnight trip to a major sports event

Weekend at a Bed & Breakfast Inn

Week long cruise

Honeymoon suite at a luxurious hotel

Resort in the Bahamas or Carribean

On a camping trip

A trip around the world


How much will we spend on our honeymoon?

Less than $500



Once you and your fiancé have agreed on what you want and how much money you have to work with, you have gotten over the first big hurdle.  The next step is to start allocating a percentage of your budget to each category.

Come back soon to get our Wedding Planning Checklist for budget allocation.

Budget Wedding Planning Doesn’t Mean A Cheesy Wedding

Planning your wedding on a budget doesn’t mean having a cheap or cheesy planning

There are two key words to consider here – Planning and Budget.

Lets look at the first word, plan.  Here’s how describes a plan:

a scheme or method of acting, doing, proceeding, or making, etc., developed in advance.

If you are to plan your wedding, you are simply going to create a method of proceeding with

your wedding and you’re going to do it in advance. Simple.

Now let’s look at the word Budget. describes a budget as:

An itemized allotment of funds, time, etc., for a given period or the total sum of money set aside

or needed for a purpose.

Your budget is simply the total sum of money you have to spend, set aside needed for a purpose.

Now lets put the two together. Planning your wedding on a budget is simply creating a method of

carrying out your wedding in conjunction with the total sum of money you set aside to carry out

each part.

Was there anything in there about cheap? No. In fact, the better you plan each segment of your wedding

and it‘s cost, the better your wedding will be and the less stress you will feel.  Your wedding is one of the

most important days of your life. You don’t need the stress that over spending on your wedding will give you.

Remember this simple equation:

Planning Wedding + On A Budget = A Stress Free & Happy Bride and Groom

Next I’ll be sharing an important checklist to help you get your wedding budget plan started on the right foot.

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