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Cheap Bridal Bouquets – wedding flower ideas

Here’s a few cheap bridal bouquet and wedding flower ideas for the do it yourselfer.  Remember if you decide to do your own wedding flowers, it can be stressful making sure you get the right quantities and making sure they are refrigerated properly for a few days prior to your cheap bridal bouquetwedding. If you havea friend or relative to help, some of these ideas can really save you a bundle.

For table center pieces, consider potted plants or bowls with a few floating votives and flowers or silk arrangement. These can save you time as well as money. Check your local Dollar Store for silk flowers and glass bowls. Even if you find just a few flowers, and get the rest somewhere else you will be money ahead. You can even use fishbowls. If you have a beach or nautical theme you might even want to put a goldfish in the bowls. If you’re not using fish, you might add some food coloring to the bowls.

If you are using fresh flowers order them through your local grocery store or wholesale store, like Costco or Sams Club.  I was at my local Costco recently and I was amazed at the wonderful variety and freshness, not to mention the great prices.

Get two for the price of one by using your attendants bouquets as table decorations at the reception. Get cheap vases at the dollar store and split apart your attendants bouquests and put the flowers  on the tables.

Make your own topiaries. Cover styrofoam balls with silk flowers or ivy. Put them on a stick and plant it in a cheap terra cotta pot. Add coordianting ribbon aroung the pot. To make it more fun, pat a sticker on the bottom of one plate at each table. The person who gets the stickered plate gets to take home the center piece. If you are making these during the Christmas holiday, you can get great deals on battery operated mini light strings

Another possibility is to rent silk bridal bouquets and wedding decorations. Check Prices at your local party supply rental store. You could get a great package deal. If  the price is good, you might still want to get real flowers for your bridal bouquet.

When you are buying flowers for cheap bridal bouquets, do not buy roses and orchids they are the most expensive  stick to Carnations, Daisys and other seasonal flowers with baby’s breath and ivy as filler. These are usually the most economical.

Keep in mind that many white flower varieties, willshow brown on the edges first.  Flowers that are locally grown will usually be less than flowers that are flown in.  Check at your farmers markets. You may get a really good dealon all your flowers  from a local farmer.

If you are planning well in advance, the cheapest option for your bridal bouquets and wedding flowers is to grow them yourself. While it’s not something everyone can do themself, you may just know someone who is a gardner that would love this task.

May you live happily ever after,


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