Wedding Dresses – Best Budget Wedding Dress Ideas

budget wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses – Great ideas for getting a budget wedding dress

It’s your day and you and your dress should look spectacular. It is easy to spend a huge portion of your your wedding budget on your dress alone. In order to save you are going to have to put forth a little effort and really shop around.

Very few brides these days are wearing their mother’s wedding gown, but you may know someone else who has a gown that you love. Often vintage gowns can be updated very easily and tailed to fit, for a fraction of the cost of a designer gown.

A second hand gown is  another  great budget wedding dress idea.  If you are going to consider a second hand gown here are some great places to start looking:  Ebay, thrift stores, consignment shops and Craigs List. to name a few of the most popular ones.  Other classified listings to consider are those on wedding blogs like and e-stores that sell used wedding gowns like I personally love the site.  It is extremely well laid out and currently has over 3000 wedding gowns!

If you have your heart set on a new gown, you should begin your search on the clearance racks at high end department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s. Discount wedding stores like David’s Bridal and Wedding Center USA are also good places to find discount gowns under $100. At the date of this post, both stores are having some great savings. David’s Bridal is offering up to 50% all of their Bridal Gowns. Wedding Center USA is paying the sales tax and offering up to 50% off on select wedding gowns.

David’s Bridal is also having a contest to win a free gown. See Detail under our Wedding Contests category.

I hope these budget wedding dress ideas will help make your hunt for the perfect dress easy, fun, and  affordable.

May you live happily ever after!


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2 Responses to “Wedding Dresses – Best Budget Wedding Dress Ideas”

  1. Mandy Says:

    We’re all for used dresses. But keep in mind, it’s best to look locally as used dresses have been altered, and are no longer true to their label size. If you check out local classifieds, you can meet the seller, try on the dress, inspect it for damages or stains and then negotiate a deal. With eBay, you’re kind of taking a chance on whether it looks as good as it does in the pictures.

    We recommend going for dresses that have already been cleaned, that way there are no surprises with stains you thought would come out. If the dress has been sitting in a box/closet dirty chances are stains might be set in. And ask the seller for the name of her seamstress – if you go back to the same person, they’ll know exactly what they did in the first place. Some alterations are reversible and others are not.

    The other options are to look for new dresses in classifieds or to buy a new dress and sell it afterwards to recoup about 50% of your cost. Often there are people who wind up with two dresses after a change in location, or just being indecisive and have to sell one.

    Happy Hunting Ladies! Check out

  2. Maureen Says:

    Mandy brings up some very good points. Especially only buying dresses that have already been cleaned. I can recall putting away a simple white blouse for the season, thinking it looked clean, but when I got it out the next season I found that it had stains because it was put away unwashed. It would be tragic to buy a wedding dressed at any price that upon closer inspection was stained!


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