Unique Wedding Venue Ideas

When you begin thinking about wedding venues, what image comes to mind? Is it a large traditional church wedding, a barefoot on the beach wedding party, walking down the staircase of your family home or something else entirely? If you don’t have a wedding venue in mind that fits your budget , read through this list. Let your imagination run wild. Think about what is in  your local area that could be utilized. Once you narrow your list down to a few locations, go visit them with your finance and discuss the pros and cons of each location.

When thinking about your wedding venue, also consider the reception venue. Can they both be held at the same place? If you can hold both the wedding and reception at the same location you will save both time and money. To help you get the creative juices flowing, here is a list of some possible types of locations that may suit your fancy. Most of these would be free or very inexpensive.

Outdoor locations

By the side of a Lake

Rooftop Garden                                                                                                        Outdoor Wedding Venue

Snow Covered Mountain At A Ski Resort

Rose Garden

At a Town Park

In A Blooming Orchard

In a Private Garden or Yard

On the Beach

In A Hot Air Balloon  (might not be the cheapest option, unless your guests are few)

Indoor Locations

A Church or Chapel

At the City Hall

At a Club House

At a Historical Monument  (could be indoors or outdoors)

At a Hotel

At a Museum

At a Ski Lodge

At a Bar or Nightclub

A Historical Home (could be a bed and breakfast inn)

These are just a few wedding venue ideas. Consider what you want the most and then try to think about what is available in your area that is most like what you want. Find out the costs and narrow down your choices from there.

Next I will be discussing the pros and cons of each of these unique and budget friendly wedding venues.

May you live happily ever after,


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