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Cheap Wedding Videographer Ideas Part 2

6. Here’s a great idea for the “Do It Yourselfer”. Whether you get an uncut version of your wedding video from a professional or you have a friend or family member tape your ceremony, you can edit your own video with a free program that’s already on your computer. If you have just a little knowlege of the computer you can use Windows Movie Maker (It’s comes standard and is under accessories on your P.C.) to edit your own video. You can easily add music to your video and titles and credits and make your video into anything you want. When you are finished, upload it to On Kunaki’s website you can download their simple software, and design your own wedding c.d. cover and c.d. insert.

Now for the very cool part – You can get one or a hundred copies of your very own wedding c.d. for only 5.75 to your door! That includes a shrink wrap covering, custom insert, and a UPC code too! No minimums, contracts, setup fees, or hidden fees either. Now that’s a bargain in my book. That’s the best Cheap Wedding Videographer Ideas I have for your.

Here’s some additional tips about making your own wedding video. Do you have a favorite wedding song? Download it from your Ipod to your computer and drag and drop it into windows movie maker for your video background music. Do you have some great snap shots from your wedding? Add them into your video. If you weren’t able to have your wedding video taped, you can make your video entirely out of all your snap shots. Just upload them to your computer and insert them into Windows Movie Maker. You can drag and drop your photos in any order you like.

Would you like to narrate your video? I’ve got a free software for you that’s so easy a child could use it. Download This program has simple buttons to click on that look like old style tape recorder buttons. You will need a USB microphone, or a USB headset with a microphone. Or you can record like I do, and use the built in mike in your laptop. You will be amazed at the great results you’ll get. Not professional, but pretty darn good!

After your wedding video is uploaded to Kunaki, let your guests know that they can order their own copy for only $5.75, directly from Kunaki’s website. When you send out thank you cards you can include a little message letting your guests know how to get a copy.

This last suggestion may not be to everyone’s liking, but if you think alot of people may go online and buy a copy of your wedding video c.d., then you can add a little to the price you set at Kunaki and make them, say $10.00 each. What will happen is Kunaki will send you the difference between $5.75 and whatever amount you charge. Again, I know that’s not normal procedure for weddings, but with Kunaki, it’s possible. you may just get enough extra to cover a pocket video camera.

I’ll be making my pocket video recommendations soon, so sign up for my RSS feed. You won’t want to miss out! There’s some really great ones out there for around a hundred bucks!

May you live happily ever after,

Cheap Wedding Videographer Ideas Part 1

Here are a few options to getting a great wedding video without paying a fortune

1. Place an ad in a college paper or on a college bulliten board to hire a film student video tape your wedding. When you hire a college Woman with video camera.student, they will have access to professional equipment and training at bargain basement prices. Let it be known that you are hosting bidding for the project and watch them fight for the honor.

2. You can use the same means as above for finding a student photographer to take pictures at your wedding.

3. Hand out disposable cameras at your reception so that your guests can share their experience at your wedding for you. Don’t forget to collect them all at the end.

4. Ask a friend or family member to videotape the ceremony for you. If you feel it’s necessary you can ask them to do it in lieu of a wedding gift.

5. If you decide to hire a professional videographer, check their references and view some samples of their work. Get your agreement in writing and read all the fine print to ensure you get exactly what you expect. You will need to discuss how many guest interviews you want included in your wedding video and you will want to make sure the videographer knows the other important events to record at your wedding and reception.

To save on the cost, ask to receive an uncut version of your wedding video this way you can choose what gets edited out. You don’t need too much footage of things like dancing or eating or other slow repetitive moments. Another idea that may work for you and save you money on your video package is to ask for a complete video of your wedding and brief version of your reception. Also not having any backgound music added in or any other special effects will also save you money.

Stay tuned for part 2, with my very best cheap wedding videographer idea yet to come.

May you live happily ever after


Wedding Dresses – Great Source for Beautiful Second Hand Gowns!

In an earlier post I talked about some great budget wedding dresses ideas. I recently found another terrific source for spectacular Second Hand Wedding Gowns.   They  offer a huge selection of  Beautiful Second Hand Wedding Gowns and accessories! Check them out.

May you live happily ever after,

Cheap Bridal Bouquets – wedding flower ideas

Here’s a few cheap bridal bouquet and wedding flower ideas for the do it yourselfer.  Remember if you decide to do your own wedding flowers, it can be stressful making sure you get the right quantities and making sure they are refrigerated properly for a few days prior to your cheap bridal bouquetwedding. If you havea friend or relative to help, some of these ideas can really save you a bundle.

For table center pieces, consider potted plants or bowls with a few floating votives and flowers or silk arrangement. These can save you time as well as money. Check your local Dollar Store for silk flowers and glass bowls. Even if you find just a few flowers, and get the rest somewhere else you will be money ahead. You can even use fishbowls. If you have a beach or nautical theme you might even want to put a goldfish in the bowls. If you’re not using fish, you might add some food coloring to the bowls.

If you are using fresh flowers order them through your local grocery store or wholesale store, like Costco or Sams Club.  I was at my local Costco recently and I was amazed at the wonderful variety and freshness, not to mention the great prices.

Get two for the price of one by using your attendants bouquets as table decorations at the reception. Get cheap vases at the dollar store and split apart your attendants bouquests and put the flowers  on the tables.

Make your own topiaries. Cover styrofoam balls with silk flowers or ivy. Put them on a stick and plant it in a cheap terra cotta pot. Add coordianting ribbon aroung the pot. To make it more fun, pat a sticker on the bottom of one plate at each table. The person who gets the stickered plate gets to take home the center piece. If you are making these during the Christmas holiday, you can get great deals on battery operated mini light strings

Another possibility is to rent silk bridal bouquets and wedding decorations. Check Prices at your local party supply rental store. You could get a great package deal. If  the price is good, you might still want to get real flowers for your bridal bouquet.

When you are buying flowers for cheap bridal bouquets, do not buy roses and orchids they are the most expensive  stick to Carnations, Daisys and other seasonal flowers with baby’s breath and ivy as filler. These are usually the most economical.

Keep in mind that many white flower varieties, willshow brown on the edges first.  Flowers that are locally grown will usually be less than flowers that are flown in.  Check at your farmers markets. You may get a really good dealon all your flowers  from a local farmer.

If you are planning well in advance, the cheapest option for your bridal bouquets and wedding flowers is to grow them yourself. While it’s not something everyone can do themself, you may just know someone who is a gardner that would love this task.

May you live happily ever after,


A Unique Wedding Transportation Idea

Here’s a Unique Wedding Transportation Idea for you!

A pink rickshaw is the new wedding car

There may not be one in your city just yet, but if there is, and if  it appeals to you, it may be worth looking in to for your wedding. According to Limo Broker News, The customized pink tuk-tuk, as it’s known in the Far East, is in high demand with requests from customers to transport them to everything from school proms to weddings.

In larger cities like New York City you can find other rickshaws for hire, but probably won’t find a pink customized  tuk-tuk, as it’s called in the Far East  like the one pictured here  being driven here by Lady Penelope.

The 3 wheeler was imported direct from Thailand where it is commonly used in the cities as a form of taxi transportation. The 6 seater novelty car has been specially customized to deal with the wetter British climate and has had special side panels installed to keep the rain out.

It may not be everyone’s choice for wedding transportation, but for some brides it’s the only way to arrive on their big day.

Car hire boss Steve Garforth from Royton in Rochdale, happened to come across the unusual vehicle on the internet, “and just had to get it.” He went on to say “It’s the only one in the North West and is just so different” and it’s certainly managing to pull in the crowds.

Where ever this unique wedding transport goes it certainly attracts  attention.

So if you’ve been pondering  unique wedding transportation ideas, you may have just found your answer! This hot pink rickshaw is in not in the United States, but do some phonebook and internet research and see what you can find near you!

If you would like to read this article in it’s entirety click here.

May you live happily ever after,


Wedding Dresses – Best Budget Wedding Dress Ideas

budget wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses – Great ideas for getting a budget wedding dress

It’s your day and you and your dress should look spectacular. It is easy to spend a huge portion of your your wedding budget on your dress alone. In order to save you are going to have to put forth a little effort and really shop around.

Very few brides these days are wearing their mother’s wedding gown, but you may know someone else who has a gown that you love. Often vintage gowns can be updated very easily and tailed to fit, for a fraction of the cost of a designer gown.

A second hand gown is  another  great budget wedding dress idea.  If you are going to consider a second hand gown here are some great places to start looking:  Ebay, thrift stores, consignment shops and Craigs List. to name a few of the most popular ones.  Other classified listings to consider are those on wedding blogs like and e-stores that sell used wedding gowns like I personally love the site.  It is extremely well laid out and currently has over 3000 wedding gowns!

If you have your heart set on a new gown, you should begin your search on the clearance racks at high end department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s. Discount wedding stores like David’s Bridal and Wedding Center USA are also good places to find discount gowns under $100. At the date of this post, both stores are having some great savings. David’s Bridal is offering up to 50% all of their Bridal Gowns. Wedding Center USA is paying the sales tax and offering up to 50% off on select wedding gowns.

David’s Bridal is also having a contest to win a free gown. See Detail under our Wedding Contests category.

I hope these budget wedding dress ideas will help make your hunt for the perfect dress easy, fun, and  affordable.

May you live happily ever after!


Fun & Affordable Wedding Transportation

This is a news article from Spalding Today
unique wedding transportation
Published Date: 01 September 2009  By Rachel Mayfield

FORGET a Rolls Royce or stretch limousines, Spalding man Shane Johnson chose a far more unusual mode of transport to get him to the church on Saturday – a Quadtrac tractor.
Agricultural engineer Shane (25) and best man Ben Ford arrived at St Mary’s Church, Pinchbeck, on the tractor, loaned to him for the special day by employers Pecks.

Bride Helen Spicer (28) knew all about the wacky mode of transport and even boarded the tractor with her new husband to travel to their reception at the Woodlands Hotel in Spalding.

She said: “Shane’s loved tractors since he was a little boy and he used to go out on the farm.

“He let me have everything I wanted for the wedding and so I agreed to let him arrive on a tractor.

“I did go on it with him to the Woodlands, not very lady-like, but Ben helped me with my dress.

“It was something really unusual and we’ve got some great photographs.”

The couple, who have been together more than six years, attracted plenty of attention when the tractor parked up outside the church.

Helen, who is assistant manager of Baker’s Oven, in Spalding, added: “There were people stopping and taking photos and beeping their horns as they went past. The reaction was amazing. We had a fantastic day, everything was perfect – even the weather.”

Helen and Shane will be jetting off on honeymoon to Belek in Turkey.

This article appears in Lincolnshire Free Press newspaper.
How’s that for an affordable mode of transportation!
Get creative and do what fits your style!
May you live happily ever after!

Unique Wedding Venue Ideas

When you begin thinking about wedding venues, what image comes to mind? Is it a large traditional church wedding, a barefoot on the beach wedding party, walking down the staircase of your family home or something else entirely? If you don’t have a wedding venue in mind that fits your budget , read through this list. Let your imagination run wild. Think about what is in  your local area that could be utilized. Once you narrow your list down to a few locations, go visit them with your finance and discuss the pros and cons of each location.

When thinking about your wedding venue, also consider the reception venue. Can they both be held at the same place? If you can hold both the wedding and reception at the same location you will save both time and money. To help you get the creative juices flowing, here is a list of some possible types of locations that may suit your fancy. Most of these would be free or very inexpensive.

Outdoor locations

By the side of a Lake

Rooftop Garden                                                                                                        Outdoor Wedding Venue

Snow Covered Mountain At A Ski Resort

Rose Garden

At a Town Park

In A Blooming Orchard

In a Private Garden or Yard

On the Beach

In A Hot Air Balloon  (might not be the cheapest option, unless your guests are few)

Indoor Locations

A Church or Chapel

At the City Hall

At a Club House

At a Historical Monument  (could be indoors or outdoors)

At a Hotel

At a Museum

At a Ski Lodge

At a Bar or Nightclub

A Historical Home (could be a bed and breakfast inn)

These are just a few wedding venue ideas. Consider what you want the most and then try to think about what is available in your area that is most like what you want. Find out the costs and narrow down your choices from there.

Next I will be discussing the pros and cons of each of these unique and budget friendly wedding venues.

May you live happily ever after,


Ask Your Wedding Q

Cheap Tiered Wedding Cupcake Stands

wedding cupcakes

If you’ve decided to have wedding cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake, you won’t want to bring them in on a beer flat covered with foil. You’ll need a beautiful tiered cupcake stand to display them on. There are lots of options here.

You can usually rent one at your local party supply place. The price will vary depending on your location.

There are lovely glass plates available for purchase but if rental fee are too high you may not wind up saving any money over ordering a traditional wedding cake.

You can get a very nice looking clear acrylic tiered cupcake stand at for $29.99 (regularly priced at $79.99 and it will hold approximately 100 cupcakes. They have a larger 6 tier cupcake stand for $34.99.

If you like the idea of a tiered cupcake stand, but want to shave a little more off the cost, you can make a beautiful one yourself. They can easily be made from cardboard cake rounds covered with foil,  fabric, or even matching scrapbook paper. Glue ribbon around the edge and stack them with covered foam cake dummies in between and glued together. You can find complete directions for this style of tiered cake stand and several others at   Look for a downloadable PDF on their site to make a square tiered cupcake plate. It is made from foam board, it is a little more labor intensive than making the round one but very cheap to make and the result is very nice. Take a look at them all and see if they don’t get your creative juices flowing.

Now lets say you’ve decided on a theme wedding, like country western. You like the idea of  using a cupcake tower, but can’t imagine how to tie it in to your theme.  Instead of edging the cupcake plates with ribbon, try a small trim that resembles rope.  Instead of covering the sides of the cakeplate uprights with foil or white fabric, try some scrapbooking paper with a western theme you like, or some other fabric you like that matches your bridesmaids dresses. I recently made a tiered cupcake plate for $7 for my daughter’s birthday. I used pizza quick sauce jars in between the cardboard circles. The jars were filled with gumballs and a band of ribbon was glued around the top and bottom of each jar.

If  you are having a beach theme wedding you could fill the jars half full of sand and place a small starfish or a few shells in each one.  My very inexpensive 4 tier cupcake stand was very charming and could easily be dressed to coordinate with any wedding theme.

Even with cupcakes, there is always the option of putting a standard small 6 inch cake on the top tier to hold your top piece and stack all the cupcakes below. Buying one six inch cake pan is a lot cheaper than buying a whole set of pans.

If you still can’t quite picture just how beautiful of an option wedding cupcakes can be than take a look at this video

May you live happily ever after,
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